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BusinessPunks is leader and pioneer in creating suits and jackets with a unique art linings. The art linings are designed by artist from all over the world and manufactured in Austria.

We provide you with perfectly fitting and tailored suits made of best fabrics from UK and Italy. You can also order the unique art lining only and use it with your own tailor or made to measure specialist. We work with most of the made to measure manufacturers.

Who We Are


BusinessPunks sees its mission in establishing a vibrant juncture between Business and Art through Fashion, in order for this symbiosis to become an independent, integrative lifestyle. Each day. Every day.

Analogy Is An Illusion

On the outside, BusinessPunks fashion takes on the conformist and established business dress-code. On the inside, it embraces ingenious modern art represented in the linings. Together, this dress-code and BusinessPunks establish a new semantics.
Basically, our belief is that nothing is exactly what it seems, and that’s why everything is worth taking a closer look. This idea is authentically manifested in all our products.


Art influences our senses and emotions. Our unique linings are real Art! The continuously expanding collection consists of unchanged designs commissioned by artists worldwide, who create these masterpieces exclusively for BusinessPunks.

BusinessPunks is “Art in a Suit”

Be courageous, exude confidence and intelligent coolness, and set a fashion statement amidst everyday business life. BusinessPunks provides you with an opportunity to overcome the ostensive contradiction between being a creative individual with independent lifestyle and holding a conventional stance of a stable and reliable businessman. With BusinessPunks, you are welcome to explore and live both worlds simultaneously.